Essay Megan Palmed Addison 's Ass

Essay Megan Palmed Addison 's Ass

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Megan palmed Addison’s ass. “Tell you what, we’ll get together with Faith one night, talk and let things unfold naturally. That’s really the best approach because orchestrating a structured fuck session is too rigid and cold.”
Addison yawned. “Sounds good to me.” She glanced at the clock, two-thirty a.m. “Ready to snuggle and sleep?”
Megan scooched up next to Addison. “Uh huh.” She wrapped her arms around Addison. “I love you, baby.”
“Love you too.”
Addison checked her phone Friday morning and saw a missed call from Sara had come through while she and Megan had been at the restaurant, most likely when she had bolted to the restroom for a brief reprieve. True to form, she had left a voice mail message.
“Hey Addison, it’s me, your best friend in the whole wide world. Thanks for the picture. I guess this means you and Megan are taking things to the next level. Call me when you get this message. Love you. Bye.”
With the sun breaking first light, Addison deleted the message and returned the phone call to avoid an unnecessary ass chewing. “Rise and shine, it is question time,” Addison said when Sara’s raspy voice answered the phone.
Sara perked up when she heard Addison’s voice. “Hey you. It’s been a few weeks since we talked and in all fairness we’ve both been busy. You with Megan and me with Sam’s training.”
“Yes, speaking of Sam, how is he?”
“He’s getting humongous, spoiled rotten, and smarter than the average dog.” Sara yawned and swatted at Sam. “Knock it off.”
Addison laughed. “Let me guess. You’re letting him sleep with you and he’s giving you good morning kisses.”
“Smart ass,” Sara quipped, which fueled Addison’s humor.
“Come to think of it, my ass is smart, as are all my body parts, but my ass thanks you for singling her ou...

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...erest of everyone involved, especially the student body, to suspend you while the investigation is ongoing.”
“What?” Addison stood, furious. “On what grounds?”
“Unbecoming moral and ethical conduct.”
Her throat burned from the rising bile. “Tell me something, Dr. Johnson, clearly I was the subject of the meeting so why wasn’t I informed?”
“This wasn’t my decision and my opinion met with opposition. I’m on your side, Addison. For now, think of it as a temporary reprieve. Take a vacation, get away from the rat race for a little while.”
“This temporary reprieve affects my income, health insurance, and pension. I may not have a say right now, but I will have my day in court.”
With boiling blood, Addison snatched her purse and satchel and marched out the door. Fine, if the school board wanted to play ball, she was going to bat and intended to knock it out of the park.

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