Meeting The Needs Of Academic Diverse Learners Essay

Meeting The Needs Of Academic Diverse Learners Essay

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Meeting the needs of academic diverse learners is the responsibility of their instructor. These diverse learners may include students who are one or more grade levels below classmates and the gifted student who is that much above. How can educators meet the needs of these students when their learning abilities are found at opposite ends of the instructional spectrum? The answer is planning successful lessons involving engaging activities, a variety of texts, technology implementation, and flexible grouping. The following is a lesson I implemented covering these key components.
The title of such an engaging lesson is “Life Changes-Details of a Life Cycle” which deals with the concept of changes living things go through as part of their existence. This lesson covers the Language Arts Florida Standards by using key details to retell a story, answer questions, and demonstrate an understanding of the central message Florida Department of Education (2014).My group of literacy learners have their own uniqueness of acquiring knowledge thus, this science lesson on life cycles must adhere to his or her individuality of learning ability. Powell and Powell (2012) suggested instruction should go from topics to concepts and have enduring value through personalized learning.
This personalized learning begins with S-A who is the highest achiever in the group. This lesson provided S-A with the opportunity to use technology to analyze and manipulate two different life cycle stages. This was an introduction to comparing and contrasting for a future lesson. S-A’s technology experience continued as she created a class presentation of a life cycle. Her life cycle included pictures and text utilizing Clip Art and Word. As an independent learner and re...

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...ust take place. First, informal assessments must occur to understand the learning level of students and skill areas needing to improve. Using interest surveys help in planning for activities to keep students engaged in the learning process. Next, assignments must match the student’s learning and instructional level. In addition, incorporating flexible grouping by learning styles, interests, and intelligences affords the learner a better chance of success. Finally, differentiated instruction is slowly leaning towards personal learning where students choose their own paths through the curriculum reported Richardson (2012b). In my opinion, this will be the future of education, as classrooms of this nature will cultivate self-paced, self-interested, and self-motivated students who fully take on the responsibility of their education, while doing so alongside the teacher.

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