Meeting The Customer Requirements Is A Reasonable Definition Of Quality Essay

Meeting The Customer Requirements Is A Reasonable Definition Of Quality Essay

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Meeting the customer requirements is a reasonable definition of quality
Organisations in recent times have gone through massive change in their market and operational activities. Organisations have faced huge competition and turbulence in both domestic as well as International markets. The speeds in which the technological changes have taken place are in turn making the customers excessively demanding and satisfying or retaining the customers has become the challenge of the day.
It’s obvious that quality and good performance are always considered as key factors in success of any business but apparently now this has become even more essential to manage and succeed. The range of steps many Organizations adopted led to development of total quality management.
Whenever a customer walks into any business whether it’s online or offline expects sky high service and they are very good observers as well as could identify the good service from just plain service. It’s up to the best of service experience hand to identify these customer expectations and hence meet the standards to match customer’s satisfaction.
Customer satisfaction could be attributed to customer expectation + level of service performance
The customer service quality is completely assessed by the ability of meeting the customer’s expectations. Even the best of customer care team could suffer a loss of reputation if at the end of day the customer leaves unsatisfied.
There are companies which hardly spend any on customer care but try and meet the customer expectations consistently will be perceived as a very good company.
The quality of service is all about perceptions and the more the customer perceptions are understood the better the matching limits of expectations could...

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...ent needs to orient themselves for tasks related to team management for better quality and output. The task needs to be laid for both customer oriented service and best output of customer feedback.
For sustained improvement Organisations needs to be very specific about what the goals are and what the quality specific training modules can do. There should be periodical cross checking of modules to check whether these expectations are met with and whether these commitments are well on track. The essence of training and line of target or goal should be to reach total quality and serve the customer best possible manner. The commitment should be from top management till the bottom line worker as every segment of organisation work in cohesion to provide the expected output. These goes a long way in reaching the target and sustain the same for steady management and growth.

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