The Meeting Of Two Chemical Substances Essay

The Meeting Of Two Chemical Substances Essay

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Carl Jung once said, “the meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed,” giving new meaning to the proverb “opposites attract.” However seemingly disparate two individuals are, when the two right people come together, a remarkable reaction can occur. Our very differences introduce us to new ways of thinking and new experiences that can help, restore and make one another a better person. At the same time, the similarities that do exist, however few, can provide the anchor or foundation on which a couple can grow together. My partner and I couldn’t be any more different in our upbringings and personalities, yet, these differences have helped us transform into better people, anchored by the similarities in our character traits and core values.
My partner and I grew up in two different worlds. My partner was born to a Japanese mother and Swedish father. As such, she was immersed from birth in a culturally rich and diverse environment. As a child, she spent her summers in Japan and even lived in Sweden for a year where she attended an international school. Her mother encouraged her to explore her interests which led her to extracurricular activities including ballet, art, piano, and the violin. She was further pushed to excel in school, entering the GATE program in elementary school, becoming top of her class in middle school, graduating honors in high school, and entering her top choice of college, the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, she excelled even further as an honorary departmental scholar which gave her the unique opportunity of working on both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree simultaneously. Even more awe-inspiring was that she gra...

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...te a great deal of our time helping out at church and working with underserved populations. It is a rewarding feeling to be able to lend a helping hand and more so, alongside the one you love.
Relationships that are built upon a strong foundation of shared character traits and core values allow room for disparate personalities and backgrounds that provide unique perspectives and experiences to the relationship. My partner and I have endured many trials and tribulations over the years but what has kept us together and has made us stronger is the solid foundation upon which our values are built upon and the unique perspectives we bring to one another that has reaffirmed my love and commitment to my partner. The polarity that exists in our personalities are what brings excitement and surprise to the relationship and allows us to guide one another as we evolve and grow.

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