The Meeting Of Required Learning Outcomes For The Work Placement Module Essay

The Meeting Of Required Learning Outcomes For The Work Placement Module Essay

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The purpose of this portfolio is to demonstrate the meeting of required learning outcomes for the Work Placement Module. My placement was with the Times of India at their London, England branch, where I served as a sales assistant for a period of 6 weeks between the 29th of June to the 7th of August in 2015. The Times of India “is the most widely read English newspaper in India with a readership of 7.643 million” (Indian Readership Survey, 2013, np.) I have attached all relevant information and documentation including minutes of meetings, emails threads, proposals, and presentations from my work as a sales assistant under the supervision of Bharat Vaswani. This report demonstrates I have met each out the outcomes regarding knowledge, skill, and learning for the Work Placement Module.

(i) Knowledge Objectives

1. Analyze real business related problems
Subjects that fell under the scope of my analysis of business related problems included the efficiency of administrative operations, increasing capital and brand recognition through Times of India investors, establishing meaningful relationships with clients and prospective clients, converting raw data into user-friendly displays, and providing internet-based solutions for communication and data storage. I analyzed business related problems through the line questioning: (1) What is the issue? (2) What data-driven managerial solutions have been effective in similar situations? (3) How can these data-driven managerial solutions be applied to this business related problem? (4) How can the solution be empirically recorded to demonstrate effectiveness?
To optimize the efficiency of administrative operations, I converted raw data into electronic formats. These electron...

... middle of paper ... Modules assisted me in my work with forty universities, as I developed individual advertisement packages for interested parties within these universities. I utilized skills I learned in the Project Management Module to develop relationships with prospective clients while contributing to the production of Times of India: Study Abroad edition, to be released in October of 2015.
3. Integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills relevant to industry
From securing advertisement placements to administrative duties, integrating theoretical knowledge obtained in my Modules with the practical skills relevant to the industry, ensured successful relations with my line manager and co-workers, allowing the production of efficient work. I settled company bills according to month and date, filing them in their proper locations while double checking my work to avoid any

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