Meditation Is What I Knew It Essay

Meditation Is What I Knew It Essay

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Have you ever wanted to sit down and just relax for five minutes? Our lives are very busy. As other countries would say about America, they are always on the go. We never stop to think about ourselves. We always have too much to do, such as go to work every day to pay the bills. America is after the money. But once in a while we need to think of just ourselves. Some people need to engage in some type of relaxation. It would help them feel better by not feeling so edgy. Like they didn’t accomplish anything or have too much to accomplish. Relaxing can help people focus on their body and have control over it.
I have previously heard of the relaxation response. Meditation is what I knew it as. Personally, I have never engaged in it. Because I was one of those people who are always too busy between school, work, and family, to sit down and engage in something by myself. Usually, since I come from a family of six other siblings, one of them would always interrupt. I do believe that it has helped people in many ways to relax. For some people, who may have anxiety, may use this technique. My impressions come from people who I have talked to that do engage in this activity. Some say it works, but on the other hand there a few that say it is not worth the time. These individuals state that it does absolutely nothing. Maybe they state that because they just cannot relax enough? For the next two weeks, I am personally going to engage in this activity. I expect at first that it will not work. Eventually as I practice it twice a day, I hope to feel more relaxed and feel like I can get more into it.
What I mean by get into it, I hope to be breathing calmly and focus on my body. Feel where I am at and understand. Calm everything in my body.

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... people who have very busy lives. Even if they can only do it for a few minutes before bed. They will dramatically notice a difference if they keep at it every night. If this technique was taught to children from an early age, I feel everyone would be a little more relaxed and focused.
I believe that they should start teaching relaxing in grade school. Our upcoming generations would know how to calm themselves. Instead of getting all up in arms about something. It would also teach them how to focus on things a lot better. With them learning at a young age, they would practice it throughout life and pass it on to their own kids. It’s good for the body to be relaxed, instead of tense all the time, and the brain going a hundred miles an hour. It is important that children learn to focus at a young age because as they get older their lives are only going to get busier.

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