Meditation And Its Effect On Blood Pressure Essay

Meditation And Its Effect On Blood Pressure Essay

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Commonly, most people associate mediation with a super relaxed state, however meditation as a discipline requires great practice skill. This intensity could cause a physiological response opposite to what most expect from meditation (Lumma, Kok, Singer). However, some studies showed that meditation combined with breathing techniques, similar to those we used during our guided meditation, decreased the heart rate, systolic, and diastolic pressure of patients with hypertension (Angermann et al). Meditation can be so beneficial to lowering blood pressure that it can reduce the dosages of medications needed to treat high blood pressure (Zusman). Other studies support that heart rates fall during meditation, but blood pressure is not affected as some claim (Holen et al). If a person participates in guided meditation, then they will temporarily experience lower heart rate and blood pressure because the subject consciously focuses on their body instead of anything they may be worried about. As a null hypothesis, the person participating in guided meditation will not experience a lower heart rate or blood pressure. The goal of this experiment was to test the effects of guided meditation on heart rate, systolic, and diastolic pressure. In order to test this, we will have a group of eleven to act a the control and a group of twelve to be the experimental. The experimental group will participate in guided meditation for five minutes and the control will have a casual conversation for five minutes. We will record their basal heart rate, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure prior to the experiment, and then again periodically after the exposure to the treatment.
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...ollected empirical data, measuring heart rate, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure. We used a sphygmomanometer to obtain all of our data. Our independent variable was the guided meditation; our dependent variable was the rate of change in blood pressure and heart rate we measured. Our standardized variables included the amount of time for the exposure to the treatments, the time we measured data, and the environment we were in. Roughly 42% of the experimental group experienced a change, in either direction, that was greater than 5 bpm. That’s compared to 63% of the control group who experienced a change of at least 5 bpm in either direction. On average, it took 3.6 minutes for the experimental group to return to basal levels. The control group should never have moved from basal, however, there was some fluctuations in the readings after the five minute test period.

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Meditation And Its Effect On Blood Pressure Essay

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