Medicine, Revenue and a Good Time Essay

Medicine, Revenue and a Good Time Essay

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There is a substance that is readily available in almost any given community that has the power to heal many diseases, bring in billions of dollars in revenue and just make you feel overall very relaxed and good. It has been medically proven to cure many diseases ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s. There have been many different economic studies that have shown this substance, if legalized, will generate billions of dollars of economic revenue. This could help our economy tremendously in its current slump. Lastly this substance will make you feel amazing and relaxed. It will allow your creativity to flow and for you to imagine things you have never imagined before. This great substance is none other than, Marijuana.
Before we go more in depth on the great benefits of this substance, let’s look at why it is illegal in the first place. Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 marijuana was placed as a schedule I drug. This means it was highly addictive and has no medical use, both of which are false. Another reason why marijuana is illegal is because it has historically been associated with the “bad crowd”. By this I mean the rebels and the guys who do illegal acts and try to rebel against society. This has caused many of the conservatives to vote against marijuana because of this false viewpoint. It is also seen by many to be a gateway drug. This means that although marijuana isn’t very harmful it will lead you down a path where you will start using the bad illegal drugs, like heroin and meth.
I believe that people are wrong in calling marijuana a gateway drug. It is a personal problem if your use of marijuana leads you to try other drugs. That goes with anything in life, such as getting into fitness and then trying weightlif...

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Miron, Jeffrey. "A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Legalizing Marijuana." The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis: Its Role in Medicine, Politics, Science, and Culture. Ed. Julie Holland. Rochester, VT: Park Street, 2010. 447-453. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 29 Nov. 2013. .

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