Medicine Is The Most Competitive Career Essay examples

Medicine Is The Most Competitive Career Essay examples

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I was born and raised in Cali, Colombia. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a doctor. My dad started medical school but had to drop out because he had a family to support. He loves medicine and all of my life I have been surrounded by medical books. I think in those moments, looking through those books, sparked my passion for science. It has been a difficult road. In my country, medicine is the most competitive career. I found myself studying intently in math and physics to score well on the acceptance test since there were such scant spots. It was very rewarding when I finally got into medical school in my hometown Universidad Libre (Libre University).

Once I was in medical school it was better than I could imagine. After finishing my basic science classes, we began our clinical rotations. I rotated through various specialties. I worked with phenomenal physicians and residents in a number of departments. During my internal medicine clerkship, I fell deeply in love with patients and all the processes involved in treating a patient with multiple co-morbidities and caring for the patient as a whole. I feel the best way to connect with patients is to listen to them. Every patient has their own story and helping them understand the problems with their health is the most gratifying part for me. The opportunities I had been in never cease to amaze me, like when I inserted a femoral catheter for dialysis or assisted in several procedures such as lumbar punctures, paracentesis. I have even been able to intubate one patient. But one of the experiences I remember the most was on an on-call shift – three patients went into cardiac arrest. It was remarkable to see how the intensivist was able to save all of them. A...

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...inical rotations, but I had to baby sit and work at Costco so I could support myself here. Luckily though I
recently acquired a job in a private group of clinics where I will be able to continue learning.

Securing a residency in Internal Medicine is at the forefront of my life. I dream of practicing as an Internist in the United States. I wish to continue to work toward improving patients access to medical care. I am looking into a residency program currently, seeking new opportunities for innovation to benefit the community.

This is why I am here. It is why I push myself further every day. It is why I will bring the full force of my efforts to your institution if you grant me the opportunity of a residency. I am both excited and nervous about what lies ahead. I have faith that my drive will carry me through.

Thank you for your consideration.

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