The Medicine As Natural Medicine Essay

The Medicine As Natural Medicine Essay

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My passion for “original” medicine, also known as natural medicine, will elicit an advancement in the diversity of medicine. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way the field of medicine is viewed, by both the public and the physician. When I become a physician, I will indubitably utilize the power of natural medicine to offer vitality and true health to my patients. I will be an advocate of diversity and I will be a pioneer of what is seemingly “abstract” medicine, which has technically been around longer than any class of medication; simply, Foxglove (Digitalis Lanata) came before Digox, and Poppy (Papaver Somniferum) before Vicodin-case closed. The reality is that Western medicine is diametrically opposed to the medicine practiced by the cultures of many of America’s inhabitants. It is ironic but true. There are so many Asians in the United States but their traditional medicine is not very common here. Now, being US citizens, they still reap all the benefits Western medicine has to offer, however a big piece of the puzzle is missing-their historical methods of treating disease. This is not just a problem for the Asians, it is a problem for every ethnicity that has “historical medicine”-this is every nation on earth because all these cultures had “original” medicine values. Sadly, the peoples of the different cultures who live in the US have not been taught the ancient healing arts and medical schools do not teach those wonderful arts. There needs to be a beautiful amalgamation of modern medicine and natural, alternative, or “original” medicine, which includes, and is certainly not limited to, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I say this in the least bombastic way possible, but, I don’t think medical sc...

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... community these things might be considered pseudoscientific methods of healing. I, just like my father, did not need antibiotics. Now, I am not against pharmaceutical medications, however, there is generally always a natural option first. Unless we are dealing with emergency, acute problems, medications and surgery are really not the optimal way. In classical Greek the word Pharmakon means “poison”. Recognize the word “Pharmakon” in words like pharmacy and pharmacology? These “poisons”, chiefly, drugs absolutely do help in emergency situations, however, the body can’t handle any extra “poisons” as it already has to deal with the daily toxic burden our environment provides. Ultimately, I will bring diversity with herbs, dietary techniques, and countless natural modalities to make medicine great again.

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