Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century

Essay Medicine and Herbal Remedies Throughout the Sixteenth Century

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Shakespeare, self proclaimed poet and renowned playwright, lived in the age of the Renaissance. More specifically, the time at which the Tudor family ruled England, during these times, there were deep-rooted religious cleansings and ongoing witch hunts, that sought out anyone and everyone that did not follow suit. Shakespeare (1564-1616A.D.) was born in, and lived through the medical renaissance, which was the point between 1400 and 1700A.D. that innovated the medicines used in Europe. These treatments were eventually diffused throughout the world. The most typical consensus made by medical technicians of the time believed in the body to be maintained up by a balance of bodily humors (liquids), though during the mid 1500s new methods of treatment were introduced through experimentation, however, despite these advances made by the more wealthy, the more destitute population continued to receive traditional treatment.
During the Elizabethan age, it was widely conceded that a person’s temperament was decided by the state of their humors, which were sanguine, choler, phlegmatic, and melancholic. This belief in humors originates in the ancient Greek’s beliefs and medical foundations which were reinforced by philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Socrates among others. Each of these humors also relates to a substance from the body and a corresponding element, blood and air, yellow bile and fire, phlegm and water, black bile and earth respectively. Furthermore, these substances and humors responded to specific environments related to them. In short, the entire process breaks down as this: sanguine manifested itself in blood and the element of air and is maintained by hot and moist conditions. Choler was identified with yellow bile and the e...

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