Medicine : An Element Of Compassion Essay

Medicine : An Element Of Compassion Essay

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There is an element of compassion in medicine that only certain people hold. It belongs to those who truly enjoy the impact they have on someone’s life. I have a memory of this from when I was a little girl: my grandfather performing a check-up on a patient. There wasn’t much excitement behind it but his tender touch helped me see the artistry that goes behind being an effective doctor. Patience, gentleness, and attentiveness were what I noticed most in that short amount of time. On their way out, the patient asked about her son, and without hesitation Tata began to examine him before letting them leave just to reassure the mother. This theme was recurring; when a patient had a concern, my Tata would listen patiently and then respond not only with words, but with action. This gave his patients reassurance. While today medicine demands fast turnover times for patients, there are elements of medicine that must be preserved in order to have a quality health care delivery. I involved myself in hospice volunteering to explore medicine in a different way and ensure that the qualities I found most important, were in fact preserved.
My first patient was a little girl named Willow, in the inpatient unit. She was beautiful and not even two years old. Blind and epileptic due to her neurodegenerative disorder, her foster parents loved her dearly and planned to adopt her. I held her often because that is what she enjoyed most. Touch was so important to her and I could see the soothing effect it had every time I placed a hand on her and spoke with a calm tone. Before bed, she liked hearing the flute on Pandora. Dying is an extremely emotional and personal experience and I began to understand my access as a privilege. In their most vulnerable st...

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...n mind was to use the talent in our club to give back to the city of Tucson in a meaningful way. I initiated contact with Mayor Rothschild and organized an ongoing program to aid in engineering city projects involving energy and water conservation.
As a physician, I hope to apply the tools and skills I have learned in my studies, community work, and research, continually identifying health care gaps and proposing solutions through biomedical application. Demonstrating meaning in what one does makes an authentic physician, engineer, teacher, or peer. It is a quality I hold very dear, starting from when I saw Tata help a mother with her son. He ensured a connection with patients that treated them as individuals and not another chart. In medical school I plan to stay true to the virtues I hold in high regard including the meaning and uniqueness behind each life I touch.

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