Essay about Medical Tourism : The United States

Essay about Medical Tourism : The United States

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Originally medical tourism referred to traveling patients from underdeveloped countries to more developed countries in the pursuit of treatments not yet available in their homeland. Today medical tourism has expanded to a destination with the main purpose of receiving beneficial medical care. Today medical tourism can be seen as any travel to a destination with the main purpose of receiving medical care. The reasons people choose to seek healthcare abroad are never ending. The procedures can include anything from treating cancer to getting wisdom teeth pulled. Medical tourism can be an economically effective and advantages opportunity for both companies and individuals.
Experts in the health world are no longer just stationed in the United States. As seen in other countries such as Canada, India, and Thailand medical attention has become more advanced than ever while sustaining lower prices than the United States. The solutions that can come from traveling to get medical attention are endless. Many people believe that medical tourism can be dangerous, however, the “effective marketing of overseas health care is turning medical tourism into a robust industry” (Tatko-Paterson).
The knowledge that America, like many other countries, show the need of seeking affordable medical care abroad should be a wake up call. Through many cases of Americans needing affordable surgery, the quick answer was for these Americans to partake in medical tourism. The price of getting a heart bypass in America, Singapore, Thailand, and India are listed as the following, $100,000 for the United States, $32,000 in Singapore, $24,000 in Thailand and in India the price is less than $12,000. There is no argument that any type of medical care, rather it be...

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... elsewhere for less money, thousands of people are traveling to other countries around the world, seeking treatment for their problems, that can sometimes be fatal, if not treated soon. (Wang) When people, such a Lin, do not have access to the proper medical care that they need, they must find it elsewhere, even if it means leaving their country to do so.
Medical tourism has many advantages, not just for the person touring, but for the country they are going to as well. These people are not just getting medical procedures done. They are also paying for recovering in a spa or a very nice hotel. The positive outcomes of this are never ending. People are often even treated to tour famous sites in that area after their procedure is done. With healthcare being such a large and profitable subject in the economy, medical tourism would bring many new opportunities.

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