Medical Sciences during the Age of Enlightenment

Medical Sciences during the Age of Enlightenment

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Medical Sciences during the age of Enlightenment
During the Enlightenment Age there were many new development of the sciences, new guiding principles through the encyclopedia, and the upbringing of medical science practices. These advances improved knowledge throughout society because of their technological improvements and new knowledge to mankind.
Discoveries in Europe were critical in the upbringing of science. “Europeans scientific revolution matched the new “America” perfectly, they were making it perfect; so they said” (Science in America,Watts). Exploration presented different kinds of plants, animals, and diverse beliefs for people, which showed the different ways science could affect everyone, while not even knowing it. “The first settlers in North America from England were hard-pressed to survive, but they soon continued the European tradition of scientific inquiry. Individuals who used native talent to improve living and working conditions performed much of the scientific work done in the 19th century. Those inventors improved existing technology, while only sometimes using scientific methods to test their ideas. The success and importance of inventions helped raise the prestige of science in the United States, however, and created the common belief that knowledge, hard work, and science would result in progress” [American philosophy. (2013)]. Scientific observations concerning the natural world were made non-fiction by experiments, which show the technological advances.
0 Denis Diderot worked long and hard hours to publish the encyclopedia to show all the knowledge inside of it. With determination Diderot got the suppressed encyclopedia to become available; widely throughout the populations. Once published with many peoples help: Voltaire, Rousseau and mathematician Jean D’Alembert, it laid a foundation for the progress that had been made. With it published they believed it, itself could conquer the intolerance of the age. “They preached the philosophes radical credo that man could improve his lot if he replaced faith with reason as his guiding principle. It was, in a sum, a threat to established authority in every field, from religion to government” [Age of Enlightenment (Gay, 151)]. They wanted to show people the true realities of what was going on it the world; they didn’t want it to be blinded by dishonesties.
The encyclopedia illustrated the surgical practices that were being used during those times. These illustrations helped people visually see what was happening with new surgery procedures and what measures would be taken when. Medical illustrations would show different types of facial bandages, different scalpels used, and the different types of operating tools.

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The different surgery types and what was used was a tool to inform people. “A system of clinical observation had begun from the encyclopedia, which had been tested to see if “Experience is the source of substantial principles; and any knowledge that is not purified by thoughtful application can be nothing more than a false glimmer” [Age of Enlightenment” (Gay, 151)]. People were pleased to see the ways surgeons, who usually started their career as barbers because they had little schooling helped because they were nervous about the idea of surgery. People know knew about the different procedures and precautions so it was known as risky business because they had no an anesthetics or antiseptics. The encyclopedia warned and educated the readers that surgery should be a last resort decision.
The Enlightenment Age was a time where there was a lot of development contributing to the sciences, new guiding principles through the encyclopedia; which showed people the upbringing of medical science practices. These advances improved knowledge throughout society because of their technological improvements and new knowledge to mankind.

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