Medical School and Low Aceptance Rate Essay examples

Medical School and Low Aceptance Rate Essay examples

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About less than 300 students get accepted per year, depending on the medical school it can be less than that. If they raised their acceptance rate, more students would be able to go to medical schools, including myself. Since I want to attend medical school in the future, I have researched the acceptance rates and have seen that it is very low. I understand that is very competitive, but the way I see it, it is too extreme. Medical schools in California should increase their acceptance rate because of how low their rate is. Not just because I want to attend one in the future but because it could be beneficial in the long run for all people who want to go into the medical field. If the acceptance rates weren’t so low they would be able to have more people from the Medical field into hospitals and places where we need them. But there are rules and regulations that require them into getting into a Medical School to begin with. They have all sorts of tests, they have GPA requirements and there’s interviews which some people never even get to if they don’t pass the required tests they want. (“Expanding your thesis” explain how you’re going to incorporate that into your essay, basically meaning just in a sentence say what each paragraph is going to be about. I did a rough of it, you can use it and change it but it’s generally what it means!).
Before I get started about how low the acceptance rate is, let me tell you about what it takes in order to apply for medical schools. The requirements needed are one year of biology, one year of chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one year of physics, letters of recommendation, a personal statement and also some volunteer work. Most medical schools GPA requirement is at least a 3.5 and above....

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...gine how it will be like when I apply to medical school which is in the 2017 school year. How is the acceptance going to be by that time? Also, what if the requirements for applying will get tougher too? These are the questions that have me worried because by the time I apply, who knows how it is going to be by then. I know for a fact that this is the career path that I want to pursue. In order to get into the medical field I have to meet the requirements and then get accepted. These are the reasons as to why medical schools should increase their acceptance rate.

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