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Medical Saint : Cosmas And Damian Essay

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In Jacalyn Duffins novel, Medical Saint: Cosmas and Damian in a Postmodern World, she uses her knowledge in medicine to explore and capture the enduring place of pilgrimages, medical saints, and miracles in the present time. Inspired by a strange event, Duffin spent two decades travelling and gathering research to answer her question of what medical saints are doing in our time. Duffin illustrates this in her novel by not only explaining this historically and medically, but also by incorporating her personal experiences to make it an autobiography. Duffin, who labels herself as an atheist, not only showed that religion supports medicine, but also how unaware the medical community is of the lives of ordinary people. This book is a fanatical, compassionate, and eye-opening experience of her excursion and what she came to realize about the church and humankind.

Oxford University Press published this novel in the United States of America. Jacalyn Duffin is the author of eight books and is the proud owner of many awards that include her accomplishment in research, writing, teaching, and service ("Curriculum Vitae, Jacalyn,” 2014). Her previously written book is Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints, and Healing in the Modern World (Oxford University Press, 2009), and it also follows the theme of medicine in the modern world.

It all began when Duffin was asked by Jeanne Drouin to give an independent medical evaluation of a set of bone marrow. The evaluation detected the presence of Leukemia, which should have killed the victim in two years. Duffin realized that the patient with leukemia was still alive and well ten years later. This so-called miracle became a great factor for the canonization of Canada’s first Catholic saint. Also, this...

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...ld, explored the ailment and healing skills in the modern era through the worship of twins doctors Saints Cosmas and Damian. This book was written in first person by award winning author, Jacalyn Duffin. Furthermore, it shadowed Duffins individual excursion from her position as a hematologist who acted as a knowledgeable witness in the canonization of Canada’s first saint, to her research on the background, importance, and purpose of saints. It can be concluded that medical science doesn’t care too much about miracles and doesn’t acknowledge their presence. However, religion does heavily rely on medical science. This book was written based on evidence Duffin gathered from Vatican sources on 1400 miracles, and this book filled with historical content of devotion, healing, and the human condition makes it a must read mostly for anyone in the medicine or history field.

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