Medical Research And Healthcare Costs Essay

Medical Research And Healthcare Costs Essay

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Medical research and healthcare costs are just one thing that people want to know what is going on about it. Scientists have tried for years to come up with cures for people and their diseases, helping mankind. But scientists are determined to convince people in America to get vaccines and let their children get vaccines.
Medical research has been helping people for many years with the research, cures, and medicine that is provided to Americans everyday (Adams,Lizbeth). Medical research is something that many doctors and scientists spend numerous amount of hours doing. They spend every minute making a vaccination better, or faster, they also spend time making new vaccinations. People in America do not see all the time and hard work that is put into something as little as a vaccination. If America was to really see the hard work and time that goes into making the vaccination then many people would not fear it as much.
Medical research really began to make a large impact in 1932 when doctors sponsored by the US Department Of Health studied the effects of untreated syphilis in 400 Americans. This process was conducted when the doctors who were studying the people withheld antibiotics even when penicillin became widely available. The 400 American men and women who were being studied did not actually know that they were part of an experiment, they actually thought that they were receiving help for bad blood (Adams Lizbeth).

Later on in about 1944 the US government sponsored secret research on the effects of radiation on humans in america. They took numerous amount of people that were pregnant, or had cancer, or other diseases. The scientists would put the pregnant women next to some kind of radiation to see if the unbor...

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...epatitis B vaccine are made to last a person’s entire life. Other vaccines are made to last in a person 's body for many years but call for periodic shots (pinero, Joseph).
Vaccination’s are the leading topic for many Americans in today’s time a lot more than back many years ago. Vaccinations have been said to cause many problems with people and their health causing many Americans to have children born with Autism or other kinds of diseases. Vaccinations do not give people a disease according to many doctors and scientists who have studied vaccinations for a long time. Vaccinations are simply used to help cure diseases and help build up peoples immunization to diseases. Vaccinations and medical research have helped people for many years being able to fight off multiple diseases. Vaccinations make people and America a much safer and more healthier place to live.

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