Essay on Medical Research and Evidence Based Practice

Essay on Medical Research and Evidence Based Practice

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When working in the medical field it is important to understand and stay up to date with the latest research and methods of practice. There are many different methods used to perform and evaluate medical research available to professionals. The focus of this paper will center on medical research, evidence based practice, and using the PICO method to outline the focus of individual studies. By evaluating each of these methods we can better understand the different ways to perform medical research and how they should each be used.
When looking to evaluate research and evidence based practice a distinction between the two must first be made. There are many differences between research and evidence based practice. The main distinction between the two is the matter of opinion or bias. EBP requires the conduction of studies with many people involved. There are many areas vulnerable to personal errors, preferences, and opinions that could each affect the results of the study. With general medical research personal opinions are not included. There is little chance of bias because medical research is just presenting factual information with no personal involvement. Whereas, the amount of personal involvement in evidence based practice leaves it open to being affected by an individual’s opinion. “”Evidence-based practice challenges nurses to look at the "why" behind existing methods and processes in the search for improvement (Health Leader’s Media).”” The purpose of evidence based practice is to stop carrying out medical practices simply because it is the way it has always been done. Instead, evidence based practice encourages the medical community to change practices to ways that have been proven to yield the best results for patients. ...

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...used question can be derived from the information. In the case of this study, the question asked would be as follows: “Could Pimobendan increase exercise capacity in patients diagnosed with stable congestive heart failure with an ejection fraction less than 45%?” (Lubsen). Being able to focus the contents of research into one simple question makes the topic of the research more easily understood.
In conclusion, medical research and evidence based practice are two different but important means to provide new information into the medical community. Evidence based practice is particularly important in that it is changing the way practices are being carried out in the medical community. In order to promote the most positive outcomes possible for the patients, evidence based research rather than tradition is becoming the basis for the way the medical community is run.

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