Medical Research And Drug Therapy Essay

Medical Research And Drug Therapy Essay

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As I was getting older, I was finding myself getting bored with the everyday patterns of just existing and not doing something that I really had a passion for. Living comfortably with minimal contribution became increasingly easy for me. Rest assured, I knew my life had bigger meaning and I was meant for something better. Auspiciously, the medical field and the human body had caught my attention. I became increasingly interested in medical research and drug therapy. The reason I have selected pharmacy as a career path is due to the simple fact that I want to make a positive contribution to my peers and surrounding community. Being a face in a community that is known to help people and make them feel comfortable when talking about personal issues, such as medicinal intake, is something I have developed a yearning for.
Sitting in the most eastern point of the United States is Washington County, Maine; this is a place I call home. Evolving with these roots has made me aware that being involved in a close knit community has become exceedingly important to me. Unfortunately, this county ...

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