The Medical Reasoning Behind Becoming Depressed Essay

The Medical Reasoning Behind Becoming Depressed Essay

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More often than not patients become depressed because they are in a stressful or traumatic situation. The medical reasoning behind becoming depressed is inflammation (Sherman). The chemicals that are released induce malaise of illnesses, which forces the injured to not heal itself (Sherman). This type of chronic inflammation is caused by elevated blood levels (Sherman).
Another kind of mental illness is anxiety. Even though depression and anxiety go hand in hand anxiety has its own effects on the body. Anxiety comes from feared situations (Landro). Approximately one point eight million kids up to 18 have this illness. There are also many reasons why people experience anxiety. This illness has the ability to impair the patient 's ability to function (Landro). As a teen an anxiety disorder will not subside with time anxiety is an illness that does not ever go away, it is something that they will face for the rest of their life they will learn how to deal and treat the type of anxiety they have. If their anxiety is extreme they might get a few physical symptoms like a stomachache or a headache (Landro). One of the big reasons why children end up with anxiety is if they are bullied that fear of being bullied will make them have a social impairment on them for the rest of their life (Landro). Most people that have anxiety have depression as well. Medical professionals will provide treatment the patient for depression as well as anxiety at one time (Landro).
Much like depression and anxiety there is another illness called borderline personality disorder. There is an “unremarkable to the fourteen million adults in the U.S. who are estimated to have borderline personality disorder”(Svoboda). Borderlines have some of th...

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...mpare how the “behavior therapy, Prozac, and the combination of both of them” are helping with “this major public health disorder”(Pearlman).
As we learn more about depression, anxiety, BPD, hypochondria, and other mental illnesses the probability that the treatment of these illnesses will become more specific. Behaviorists are the people that figure out how to get those mental illnesses under control as well as how to educate the public about these illnesses. Without these people in this field working everyday to research, diagnose, and treat these illnesses, just imagine how many more suicides there would have been, or even how crazy the world would be with everyone’s illnesses clashing together because the people that have those illnesses cannot control themselves. So the next time there is talk about a new way to treat a mental illness thank a behaviorist.

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