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Agents of change are often taking a big risk to fix or re-energize their firm. They are shaking up the status quo as they were charged with doing. However change will often bring about political enemies no matter how successful the changes end up being. Pioneers of change will receive plenty of arrows in their back while bringing about change. While some arrows, or negative political games will be inevitable in some fashion, it does not mean the change will not be for the best. The agent of change will not be able to depoliticize all medical matters, they can reduce the gains made by political games.
Medical Politics
Change is inevitable in any profession. The agents of change come with hopes of success in their endeavors. While those who see the status quo as advantageous will resit change by any means at their disposal. This often leaves the metaphorical pioneers, the agents of change, with arrows in their backs. While this is not an inevitable out come for change agents. Change agents will find themselves in politics in medical matters no matter if their objectives are reached or not. Every attempt should be made to depoliticize medical matters, but political structures are necessary and unavoidable.
Why “Pioneers” get arrows int their backs can be explained because they often bring uncertainty when the situation in healthcare is already uncertain. Trust is a large part of building a team or vision of leadership and without trust the vision is never sold to staff or stakeholders (Marchal, Dedzo, & Kegels, 2010). Without trust the ability to influence would be diminished or non-existent. A change agent would not have had the time to establish trust before implementing changes.
Change agents often want to cha...

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