Medical Medicine : A Type Of Genetic Memory Essay

Medical Medicine : A Type Of Genetic Memory Essay

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Whole plant medicine consists of using whole plants in their natural form to treat living beings body, mind and spirit. Even though the past century has muted humans’ symbiotic relationship with nature, for animals that relationship remains innate and intact. Plants have always been allies with animals providing them with therapeutic medicine with little to no side effects.

Plants cleanse, regulate and nourish the body through an unspoken intelligence. I know for some, especially those practicing allopathic Western medicine, it is hard to imagine that plants are intelligent beings. When you look at a plant’s ability to enter the body and seek out imbalances, changing internal environments to bring about healing, how can anyone have any doubt? While this idea of intelligence may be deemed as unscientific, by no means can it be proven false. It could even be argued that all living creatures have a predisposition for whole plant medicine: think of it as a type of genetic memory.

Prior to 1930, Western Herbalism and homeopathic medicine were at the forefront of modern medical care. Plant identification, knowledge of use, and intuition were skills utilized by caregivers, mothers, traveling doctors, vets and community healers. After World War II, the convenience of pills and evidence-based medicine became popular after the rise of antibiotics and new standards for Western medical doctors.

Today, the veterinary industry is plagued with chemically dependent medicine with the chronic dispensing of vaccines, antibiotics, steroids and anti-inflammatories. Instead of trying to figure out the root cause of disease, allopathic medicine is focused on symptomatic suppression and healing modalities that attack the immune system. Luckily, ...

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...t is best to use plants in their natural state.

William of Ockham, the Franciscan friar, attributed to the famous principle known as Occam’s Razor, had it right when he noted that. “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better.” I could not agree more. When it comes to using plants as medicine, the simplicity of using whole plants cannot be replicated.

In part two of whole plant medicine, I will discuss the different forms of plant medicine that you can start using at home, making simple medicines for you and your dog, how to locate plants and purchase viable medicines as well as working with an herbalist. In the meantime, I highly recommend viewing the documentary Numen. It is a lovely account of the healing power of plants and our relationship to them. Numen can be viewed at

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