Medical Introspection : Becoming A Physician Essay example

Medical Introspection : Becoming A Physician Essay example

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Medical Introspection
Becoming a physician means so much more than the academics and extracurricular activities, the arduous studying and relentless applications. Passion is a key factor, but what does it mean to be passionate beyond the dictionary definition? As aspiring healthcare providers, we should strive to bring aid to those in need, whether they 're in their final hours or at the beginning of their lifespan. To be devoted in medicine is to aid a community that we resonate with beyond mere words. Personally, I want to become a pediatrician because I want to give back to my community. I was born prematurely by about three months and monitored for weeks. The amount of time and care placed into my survival still shocks me to this day. I weighed no more than three pounds and did nothing but scream and cry, yet I was welcomed into the world, watched over, and kept alive just so I could finally feel my mother 's warm embrace. To be able to instill the same love and care to infants in conditions similar to my own and across the spectrum is worth the winding path to becoming a medical...

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