Essay on The Medical Field Of Pharmacy

Essay on The Medical Field Of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy is a very misunderstood career in the medical field. Many people believe that pharmacists only count and sort pills, but there is actually much more than what meets the eye. Pharmacists have a variety of responsibilities that they perform throughout their careers. They often fill prescriptions for patients, which does involve counting and sorting pills. However, they take it a step further, and work with patients to ensure all their current medications won 't have many negative effects when taken together. They also give instructions on how to take medications, and advise patients on various health topics, such as exercise and diets. They need to keep track of all important insurance forms and other records for their patients, and they may teach some under studies on pharmaceutical techniques. To become a pharmacist, an individual would first obtain an undergraduate degree. From there, they would need to receive a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm. D.). Additionally, they would typically need to be licensed to work in certain states. Once they begin working, they would receive wages that vary from $89,280 to $145,910, with the median being $116,670. It 's also important to note that pharmacy jobs are expected to grow 14% from 2012 to 2022. This growth is likely due to the aging baby booming generation.
Practices of pharmacy have been around for thousands of years. It began with simple herbs, and has developed into the practices that we see today. Nowadays, we see numerous drug stores on the way to work, and have access to any medication that we need. There are countless medicines and regulations for every single one of them. This is a big difference than what was around thousands of years ago. In fact, it wasn 't until ...

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...he salary. To me, pharmacy used to be only counting and sorting pills, but now I see it 's so much more. The most interesting part to me is the many choices a person can make with their career. A pharmacist could choose the clinical route, the retail sales, or even choose the developing route. They can find any job that suits their wants. To me, I feel like this information is valuable. I do not plan to be a pharmacist, but it 's nice to be educated on all the choices I can have. Even if I don 't choose to be a pharmacist, it is still something else to be knowledgable about, which is never a bad thing. Overall, I do not think I will be a pharmacist, but it 's not something I wouldn 't do. I think I would like to be a clinical pharmacist, so that I could work with both doctors and patients. So I am interested in pharmacy, but I 'm still set on my current career choice.

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