Medical Disorders: High Cholesterol Essay

Medical Disorders: High Cholesterol Essay

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The name of my medical disorder that I am researching on is called high cholesterol. According to Dr. Juan Alvarado high cholesterol "is an elevated grease in the organism that produces the arteries to harden". Also according to doctor Paulysney Guerrero her definition of high cholesterol is that it is "when the recurrent levels go over 250 mg. The LDL and the HDL always have to evaluate to check to the good and bad cholesterol”. The result of having high cholesterol is that it can lead to several medical catastrophes such as stroke, heart attack, heart disease, blood vessel disease, etc. Dr. Paulysney Guerrero also mentions how "normal cholesterol is between 150-200 mg. This levels increase with bad eating habits." The main causes of high cholesterol are things such as the things you eat (butter, cheese, milk eggs, pork etc.) for example my uncle Alfonso Sanchez explains how the reason why he was diagnosed with high cholesterol was because of the way that him and his family ate everyday. "back in El Salvador when I was little all that my family would eat for breakfast was eggs along side with milk that came from the cows since we had a farm at the time, but we ate this almost most everyday, mainly because it was all that my family could afford at that time."Another cause of high cholesterol would be the amount of time you exercise a day in which an example would be that the elderly have a tendency of having high cholesterol mainly due to the fact that their body can't function and move as well as it used too, so as a result they can't exercise as much or at all , so as a result they get high cholesterol due to their lack of physical activity. Another main cause of high cholesterol is that a person could have it because they got...

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...sted to have checkup every three months. The ideal checkup is to test the lipid levels in every patients" Dr. Guerrero explained. Some new treatments that are being made in today's society is that they are coming up with more statins medications in which doctors prescribe these types of medications to people who have really high cholesterol. The more common statins in today's society would be medications such as Zocor, and Lipitor. What statins do is that it interferes with the way that cholesterol functions throughout your body, and these types of medications are mainly used because they can significantly lower your cholesterol, but taking statins could result in liver problems. So with new medication being discovered to significantly lower a persons cholesterol, will there ever be a medication that will completely get rid of a person high cholesterol in the future?

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