Essay on Medical Center : A Victim Of Rape

Essay on Medical Center : A Victim Of Rape

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On Wednesday 08/31/16 at 2118 hours I was dispatched to Multicare Auburn Medical Center to contact a victim of rape which occurred at 1006 17th ST SE in the City of Auburn, King Co, WA.

I contacted the victim, Keshia Lobehan, and her friend Cynthia Roberts in room 20 of the hospital emergency room, where she was in the process of getting a rape kit completed. Lobehan stated she had been raped yesterday, Tuesday 08/30/16, at the above address by a male she knew by "Jerry". It should be noted Jerry was later identified by a Wisconsin driver’s license as Jerry Brown.

Lobehan explained that she had lived in an RV in the driveway of 1006 17th ST SE, which is owned by Cynthia and Robert Bishop, for just over a month. Lobehan said she has known Brown for about one month, and described him as an acquaintance. Lobehan said she had never been in a dating, or sexual relationship with Brown, and she had never done or said anything to Brown to make him believe otherwise.

Lobehan stated on Tuesday 08/30/16 at about 0200 hours she arrived to the Bishop 's residence and went inside and spoke with Cynthia for around one hour. Cynthia confirmed she had spoken with Lobehan for about an hour around 0200. Lobehan said after speaking with Cynthia she left the residence and went into the RV, which was parked in the driveway on the southwest corner of the residence. Lobehan said she went to sleep on the couch in the RV and was sleeping on her stomach.

Lobehan said at an unknown time, she woke up and felt someone massaging her back. Lobehan said the back of her shirt was pulled up to the bottom of her neck, and the whoever was massaging her was straddling her. Lobehan said she heard a male voice say, "I told you I give good back massages".

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...hen he was able to make a copy of the video.

I called Officer Doll and told him to ask Brown if he was at the residence or RV on Tuesday morning, and he told me that Brown said he was not.

Officer Doll completed a Superform. I included the form in the case jacket.

Officer Foster transported Brown to SCORE jail where he was booked for Rape 3rd. While at SCORE jail Officer Foster obtained Brown’s clothing for evidence, and later entered it into evidence.

At 0000 hours dispatch advised the Multicare Auburn Medical Center advised the rape kit was ready. At 0020 hours I went to the hospital and collected the rape kit and Lobehan’s clothing, which was a tank top and jeans. I entered the rape kit and the clothing into evidence.

This case is cleared by adult arrest and is being forwarded to the Auburn Police Department detectives for review and filing of charges.

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