Medical Case Studies With Diagnosis

Medical Case Studies With Diagnosis

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Case One
This 20 year old female patient is presented to you with complaints of excessive urination and extreme recent weight loss. In addition to excessive urination, the patient is experiencing unusual perspiration and anxiety. Finally, the patient’s skin tone is uncharacteristic pale.
Hormone involved: Thyroxine
Diagnosis: The diagnosis is, the 20 year old female patient, has excessive Thyroxine, because as we suspect, Thyroxine has in their symptoms weight loss, and the patient is losing weight a lot, and the anxiety is the same, but this is a disease called Hyperthyroidism, is the reason for all of this.
Tests to run to confirm diagnosis: The test planned to confirm our diagnosis planned is, we will feed her for a week in the hospital, feed her fine so she is supposed to gain weight, if not, or she doesn’t gain weight, we could be sure she has this disease.
Method of treatment: The patient, as we could say cure, it’s a treatment to control this disease. She will have to take 1 placebo pill once a day for exactly 3 months, if she’s cured well it’s done, if not she was to wait 1 month and then start to take 100g of Thryroxine for the exact same period.
Prognosis: The patient will be cured from this disease in about from 3 to 6 months, if she takes and does the treatment well.
She has to change her diet to start to use the medication because the hormone was not easy to trade and to work with. Next can be something horrible for her and the symptoms she had.

Case Two
The patient is presented to you two weeks after surgery for throat cancer. The patient is experiencing constant body shakes. Upon examination you find that the patient’s muscles are continuously contracting at low levels.
This particular case puzzles you, so you decide to consult your attending physician about the matter. Because you’re working in a teaching hospital, the attending informs you that he believes your patient is experiencing a problem with either his thyroid or parathyroid glands. He wants you to order the proper tests and figure out what is causing the problems here.
Hormone involved: Parathyroid
Diagnosis: The patient has constant muscle contradiction, so an excessive parathyroid will cause and increase of calcium into his/her blood and muscles, and this will cause a muscle contradiction, which is what the patient has, PTH, will have a disease called hyperparathyroidism.

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Tests to run to confirm diagnosis: The patient should do a blood test to see his calcium levels, if the calcium level is too high, he has the disease, and this could turn into a tumor in the parathyroid gland.
Method of treatment: The only way the patient could be cured is by surgery, no pills could help the patient, and the tumor must be removed. Then, if the surgery is completed fine, you will have to stay recovering in the hospital for one month.
Prognosis: The surgery would last until 3 hours, then the patient will have to recover for about one month, but she wont have the same life, the pains will come back and go again.
The surgery finally save her and it was a hard case because the clues did not help to look for the hormones, because they were to much possibilities of hormones that have most of the symptoms.
Case three
A puzzled female patient comes to you with a BIG problem. Even tough this patient has been taking the birth control pill for the last 6 months she has successfully become pregnant. She wants to know what could have possibly happened. You suspect that there was a problem with the birth control medication she was taking.
Hormone involved: Estrogens
Diagnosis: The patient has a deficiency of estrogens, because, she was taking the birth control pills that help her to get pregnant, getting again the estrogen levels back. Also the pills could have a rare substance, like progesterone, to make the baby.
Tests to run to confirm diagnosis: She will have to make a strict diet, so, the food wont make imbalance between the estrogens and the progesterone including DDT.
Method of treatment: We, to help her know what happened, we will put two woman on the same age and take a look at the reaction when they are on their period, and compare how they became pregnant. After that she has to take a cure every day in her period to change the other medication and estrogen and progesterone levels.
Prognosis: If she follows the treatment about in two years, she wont can or have or become pregnant taking those pills.

She got pregnant because the estrogen in the pill, with this treatment she is not going to became pregnant anymore and she can control her level of estrogen for next time.
Case Four
Age 40, comes to the clinic troubled by swelling in his face and unusual fat deposition on his upper back (near the neck) and abdomen. He also says that he bruises easily and when you check his blood pressure it is unusually high.
Hormone involved: Cortisol
Diagnosis: The patient have some symptoms that may give us the possibility to know that he has crushing’s syndrome. This syndrome occurred by the excess of steroids in the blood and the tissues that can make the person to have a fat deposition on the back of the neck.
Tests to run to confirm diagnosis: With saliva test that is a accurate when the fat is in your saliva but also the urine test but first before the urine one, you have to drink a medicament to increase cortisol levels to know how they are.
Method of treatment: You can do an especial radiotherapy to control the syndrome or also a surgery to take the cortisol. Also your blood can show you, the production of the steroids and if they have been well produced.
Prognosis: If the patient doesn’t follow the treatment, after some years the syndrome will grow and then you are going to have more problems like obesity.
In conclusion the patient can save his life if he follow the prognosis and he make the treatment. Every treatment can save him and is going to control the syndrome in other years. The case was successfully resolved.
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