Medical Care for Human Trafficking Victims Essay

Medical Care for Human Trafficking Victims Essay

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Human trafficking is a rising global issue and is a dark human behavior that has been happening since the beginning of recorded history. These victims experience both mental and physical effects that are damaging to their lives, stripping their identity as individuals. Millions of women and children go through these traumatic experiences and have psychological consequences that need to be addressed but get little attention. This literature review suggests steps to be taken in order to treat these patients with the proper medical care by responding to the following questions:
1. What is human trafficking?
2. What health concerns do victims of human trafficking encounter?
3. How can doctors and nurses become more aware of this issue and better recognize victims?
4. What steps can be taken to treat these victims?

What Is Human Trafficking?
The organization, Stop the Traffik, defines human trafficking as “to be deceived or taken against your will, bought, sold and transported into slavery. For sexual exploitation, forced begging, sacrificial worship or removal of human organs, as child brides or into sweat shops, circuses, farm labour and domestic servitude” (Stop the Traffik, 2014). It is estimated by the International Labour Organization that up to 20.9 million people are toiling as modern slaves around the globe generating 19 billion dollars per year (Clause, 2013). Although there are many forms of human trafficking, prostitution occurs in almost half of these cases. See Figure 1.

What Health Concerns Do Victims Of Human Trafficking Encounter?
Trafficking victims are recruited by force, coercion or deception and most often suffer from high levels of physical, sexual and psychological abuse (Siân Oram, et all., 2012). Women w...

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...u, M. A., Gorceag, L., Trigub, C., & Abas, M. (2012). Physical health symptoms reported by trafficked women receiving post trafficking support in Moldova: Prevalence, severity and associated factors. BMC Women's Health, 12(1), 20 28. doi:10.1186/1472 6874 12 20 Retrieved from
Resources: Common health issues seen in victims of human trafficking (n.d.). The United States Department of Justice (n.d.). Retrieved from
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What is human trafficking (2014). Stop the Traffik. Retrieved from services

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