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Medical Care And Public Health Essays

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1. The most important distinction between medical care and public health is public health comes down to prevention and promotion. Medical care comes down to the treatment after the fact. Medical care deals with the individual patient, while public health takes the community and populations into consideration. Public health is much broader of a concept when it comes to comparing it with medical care. Medical care works with the illness once it occurs while public health prevent illness before it even happens through educational programs, policy changes, and research. According to, “a large part of public health is promoting healthcare equality, quality, and accessibility.” Treatment is also a big component to the distinction of medical care and public health. Medical care treatment is from doctors, nurses, etc.; “treatment” in terms of public health is through legislation, laws, and agencies like the Cdc. Public health treats the community through the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Another big distinction comes from the involvement of politics. Public health has correlations to politics. This is because to have prevention programs they must be passed through legislation, to form food safety laws those laws must be passed
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2. Many of these questions I had prior knowledge from other courses and watching the new or reading the newspaper. However, one thing I learned that I didn’t know before was small pox was completely eradicated. By 1958, small box had killed 2 million people each year worldwide. By the 1970s, it had been eradicated through the efforts of public health. Being able to say a disease was eradicated was a large achievement. Through process of elimination, I was ab...

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... families, and people close to them. Another reason is because everyone knows at least one person personally with behavioral or mental health issues. The earning potential also slightly caught my eye, considering how much you can make up to. There are so many aspects in this area of study; it has such a broad spectrum of choice to focus ones study on. Looking into this aspect of public health shows a projected percent increase in employment showing this will become a bigger field of study. Some behavioral scientist focus their study on social neuroscience, psychology and cognitive psychology, we are always going to need psychologists because robots will not do a very good job empathizing with patients. A benefit is also because the area is broad if you pick one subject to emphasize on and you decide you do not like it you can change it to focus on something else.

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