Medical Bills Should Not Be Paid Much More Than 50 % Of All The Accumulated Bills

Medical Bills Should Not Be Paid Much More Than 50 % Of All The Accumulated Bills

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For 19 years, the records will show that I have in fact paid much more than 50% of all the accumulated medical bills.
In my motion to close my child support order I asked for a calculation of the final amount due and an agreeable repayment plan to be determined by the court, I did not try to skip out on my obligation.
By my hearing date my son would have both graduated from high school and would have reached the age of nineteen, either of those factors would merit ending the support obligation under Maryland law.
The Plaintive has claimed portion of the amount I owe is $10,000 for outstanding medical bills, for expediency in this matter I will not dispute the amount. Please let the record show that the accumulation of the debt was mostly due to high cost medical procedures that were not covered by my insurance and not normal ongoing neglect of his medical needs.
Over the years I have made many attempts at repaying the bulk of my portion outside the other medical bills that were accumulating for my son.
In 2013 with Plaintiff 's consent I filed amended tax returns for the four previous years, claiming Thomas (my son) as my dependent. In our agreement, the federal tax returns were to be used to pay down the medical bills and one month of his school tuition.
I deposited over $8,000 into the Plaintiff’s Bank of America account the same days I received the checks for that purpose however, she used to money to re-pay outstanding moving expenses to her brother. The Plaintiff did not use any of the monies I sent from that agreement to repay medical bills or school costs, that was fraud especially if the Plaintiff’s intention all along was to use the money for that purpose and not what we agreed on. She claimed it was my responsibility...

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...the contract, I stipulated that it would be renegotiated at the start of each semester just in case something like this happened. I felt it needed to be re-done this semester because Plaintiff was not operating in the spirit that that the contract was written.
The Plaintiff and Thomas prevented Morehouse from giving me the outstanding amount, so that I could have made a payment on Sept 2, 2016. The extent to which they went to prevent me from discussing anything with the finance office was unprecedented. This is the same office which she said was waiting to get my unemployment checks to pay towards the debt.
Since I attempted to pay and was prevented is why I am also questioning the validity of the amounts due to Morehouse. If it were $2,000 then that is what Morehouse would have told me, his fatthe Plaintiff’s, and tthe Plaintiff’se would be no issue on that part.

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