Medical Assistant : Benefits And Disadvantages Essay

Medical Assistant : Benefits And Disadvantages Essay

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Being a medical assistant has its advantages and its disadvantages. The medical assistant performs different duties. Those duties have many changes in every doctor’s office or hospital meaning from post to post. The physician assigns the duties for the medical assistants since they work for the physician they help the office run easily mainly the MA’s work in both the back and front desk area of the medical office. The Medical Assistant is involved in the patient assessment that is a big part of their responsibilities that is being involved with checking a patient’s vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, temperature and breathing rate, performing physical examine height and weight as well as looking for any deformities or any irregularities in the patient’s body in order to help obtain the patients’ medical history by asking them questions about their medical conditions, allergies and medications the assistant documents each finding into the patients chart and will alert the doctor of the patients results.
The doctor will also tell the Medical Assistant what tests to run on each patient, the job of the Medical Assistant is to follow protocols that are explained in details what the physician wants done to a patient, they are usually written by the physician, there are also responsible for collecting the laboratory testing and ship it to their appropriate laboratory clinic. Also the assistant helps with translating medical dictation for the medical records, calls in the prescription orders or any refills the patient might have to the pharmacy only if it is ordered and approved by the physician, physician assistant or a nurse practitioner also she or he can perform aseptic procedures such as any wounds that need care, admini...

... middle of paper ... financial destruction it can affect emotions in a chaotic situation and it can hit hard and feel like a fatal blow to your self-assurance and self-esteem. Malpractice is an unethical behavior, carelessness or a breach of duty by a professional person that results in a loss or an injury to a patient. In some cases, it involves failure to meet a standard of care of failure to carry care that a reasonably sane nurse would carry in a similar situation. Many lawsuits do not come with achievement for years after the occurrence, so the court will try to set up the standards of care and practice at the time of the occurrence in question. Here are some examples to avoid for a malpractice failure to follow standard care, failure to assess and to monitor, failure to communicate, and failure to document these steps are very important you must pay attention to avoid a lawsuit.

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