Medical And Dental Services Of Dentistry Essay

Medical And Dental Services Of Dentistry Essay

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I never want to dread a Monday for the rest of my life. I am fortunate enough to know that a career in dentistry will make this a reality. As a child, I was interested in various professions that relate to the healthcare field. It was during my sophomore year in high school that I decided that dentistry is the profession I will pursue.
I was first exposed to the impact of dentistry when my church volunteered at a medical mission trip to the Philippines wherein free medical and dental services were provided to the underprivileged. The volunteers returned with numerous inspirational testimonies and a video report that moved me. I could not believe how life changing a tooth extraction could be to people who do not have the resources for treatment. At that moment, I decided I wanted to be a dentist that frequently travels to third world countries to provide free services to people in need. I aspire to be an instrument in making people smile as wide as they possibly can!
Excited, I began shadowing my mother’s boss, who has been a practicing dentist for over thirty years. Networking with h...

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