Essay on Medicaid And Service Long Term Care Programs

Essay on Medicaid And Service Long Term Care Programs

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In the United States, there are two main key programs that usually offer the citizens of the country some medical as well as health-related services. The health services that are offered in the country by these organizations happen to be given to different groups of people at some specific ages in the country (Kronenfeld, 2011). Thus, these two programs are namely, Medicare and Medicaid and they happen to be under the management of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services of the United States department of Health and Human Services divisions. As such, this paper will highlight some of the functions of these two programs, the target population and the service long-term care provided by these programs.
Overview of Medicaid
In the United States of America, Medicaid is termed as a given means-tested health as well as a medical service program that is meant for a particular group of people in the society. The program majorly targets those families that are in the low-income category as well as those people who happen to have limited resource to cater for their health bills and other medical related expenses.
Services provided by Medicaid
There are a number of services that are provided by the Medicaid program to those who are eligible to the services. Despite the states being given the responsibility to make the final decision on what the programs plans are, there are some mandatory federal requirements that have to be met for purposes of receiving the required funding for the offered services (Gruber & National Bureau of Economic Research, 2000). Some of the services that are offered to the clients of the Medicaid program are inpatient and outpatient hospital services, prenatal care, children’s vaccines and phy...

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...od of at least ten years to the country’s system.
Long-term care services for Medicare and Medicaid
Medicare takes care of some of the long-term services that are needed by its clients like physical therapy, and medical supplies. On the other hand, Medicaid allows for long-term care through the provision of bus services, institutional care, and community based long-term services.
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