Media's Take on The Beltway Sniper Attacks Essay

Media's Take on The Beltway Sniper Attacks Essay

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A. Plan of Investigation
This investigation analyzes how the reports of the Beltway Sniper Attacks were given (newspaper or television, etc.) changed the public’s reaction the amount attention that was given to this event. To be able to analyze this, I will look at different newspaper reports that were published discussing the different ways that the media took to reporting about this event. The varying reasons for differing reports will be explored; along with the different ways these reports affected American citizens.
The two sources that have been selected for evaluation are “Cable's Focus on Sniper Helped the Authorities, but Also Drew Harsh Critics” by Felicity Barringer and Jim Rutenburg and “Poll finds appetite for sniper coverage” by Bruce Schwartz. These were picked in particular They will be evaluated for origin, purpose, value, and limitations.
B. Summary of Evidence
• Beltway Sniper attacks took place in the Washington Metropolitan Area over three weeks in October 2002
• Took the lives of 10 innocent people and severely injured 3 others
• Named Beltway Sniper Attacks because it was thought that the shooter was using a single sniper and got around by using the Capital Beltway.
• It was thought that the attacker traveled in a white truck or van but later it was found out that he traveled in a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan
o Citizens soon came to be very skeptical of anyone driving large white car (media released false information)
• 2 men
• 1 adult and one minor
• John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo
• False arrests were made
• Articles in the New York Times that were written by Jayson Blair were fabricated which lead to the two main editors of the newspaper to resign
• Specific threats to children were made

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...of Reality TV.” New York Times. N.p. 21 Oct. 2002. Web. 09 May 2013.
• Johnson, Peter. "Media Walk Careful Line in Sniper Case." N.p., 14 Oct. 2002. Web. 09 May 2013. .
• Seelye, Katharine. “Lack of News Doesn’t Deter Coverage.” New York Times. N.p. 16 Oct. 2002. Web. 09 May 2013.
• Schwartz, Bruce. "Poll Finds Appetite for Sniper Coverage." N.p., 23 Oct. 2002. Web. 19 May 2013. .
• Johnson, Peter. "Like the Sniper, Story Seems Unstoppable." N.p., 23 Oct. 2002. Web. 29 May 2013. .

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