Essay on Medias Negative Effects On Children

Essay on Medias Negative Effects On Children

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Medias Negative Effects
On television there are models and celebrities who are very thin and look like they never age. On the radio there are commercials for weight loss and low prices on surgeries. In magazines there are images of fit people all over the pages. No matter where a person looks they will see celebrities or models that are beautiful and thin. People, mainly teenage girls, look up to these figures which make them look down on themselves for not looking a certain way. So many girls get this idea of the “perfect” body from social media that is unrealistic and it causes negative effects on these girls. The media sets a body image in girls thoughts that make them want to look exactly like the women media focuses on but when they do these negative effects happen to them mentally and physically.
Some people believe that eating disorders are caused by something in a person’s genes and that having an eating disorder has nothing to do with the media. Critics say if people were so influenced by culture, then everyone who looked at a picture of a thin model would develop an eating disorder (“Eating Disorders”). The supporters believe that media is completely at fault for eating disorders especially in girls because they look up to those thin models and celebrities that are all over the media. When girls and young women see such images they make them feel inadequate and may undertake extreme measures to try to emulate their idols (“Eating Disorders”). Seeing these celebrities, models, and athletes that the media focuses on as being perfect in every way puts a lot of pressure on females. Even athletes are affected by eating disorders. Athletes look up to famous athletes the media focuses on. The athletes want to look a certain ...

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...osmetic surgery is another effect media has had, more females are taking the “easier” root and getting surgeries to like the way they look. Girls under eighteen should not get surgery, the risks are too high. When a girl is under eighteen her body is still changing and developing, she might be unhappy with the way her body looks now but as she continues to grow and get older she might just love her body and be glad she did not get a surgery to change herself (Friedman, Jane). Media should start focusing on positive people and events rather than causing so much harm to girls. They should not have a set body image that they compare to themselves; they should love the body they have. The media just needs to realize the effect it is having on young people and try to be positive and empower women who are confident in themselves rather than the negative opinions of others.

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