Essay Medial Prefrontal Cortex ( Mpfc )

Essay Medial Prefrontal Cortex ( Mpfc )

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Medial Prefrontal Cortex (MPFC)
The medial prefrontal cortex which is commonly referred to as the anterior cingulate cortex and expresses high activity when a person is presented with a series of “people orientated” facts. In tests where subjects are read a description of a person or a story involving internal senses, the MPFC had a very high response versus the more thought provoking tests where little to no activity was recorded (Saxe et al., 2009).
In 1995, the trust game had been developed by three researchers Berg, Dickhaut, and McCabe, a valued tool in activating the MPFC (Moss, 2011). The game involves a subject that plays as an investor and another that plays as a trustee. The investor is given $10 and told to invest it however they like: they can keep the money, or transfer part of their funds to the trustee who may or may not transfer more funds in return. The trustee may triple the funds and return a chosen percentage, the key in the game is that the investor has no grasp on the trustee’s decisions. After the investor has been made aware of the percentage the trustee transfers, the investor then has the opportunity to cooperate further and transfer more funds. Mistrusting individuals will retain most of their funds during these transfers whereas cooperative individuals will trust the other subject to transfer a high percentage. A more precise system operates with a binary function, “each person is granted only two alternatives (e.g., Peters & Kashima, 2007; Scharlemann, Eckel, Kacelnik, & Wilson, 2001). In this variant, the investor is granted two options. They can either retain $10--in which case the other person receives $5--or they can distribute all the money to the trustee. The trustee can either distribute $8 t...

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... think that the implication of this is that it 's all precept, there 's no room for change, that we just start with the brain with the specific functions that has and we 're stuck with them the way they are. And one of the things my lab has been getting interested in recently is evidence that that 's also not true, that although we start with arrangement designed for particular functions they also have a huge potential for change” ("Tech Day 2013 - The Brain as Mind - Rebecca Saxe PhD '03."). Saxe leads her audience into data that then proves this point; the area of the brain for seeing adults that recognizes shapes in sight was instead used to understand language. In blind children, Saxe found a similar result, although far less developed. Understanding the brain’s ability to rebuild and repurpose can aide research in repairing sight, hearing, and even memory loss.

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