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Media: Through an International Lens Essays

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The media impacts the lives of people all around the world on a daily basis. From denim jean television advertisements to headline news of international disasters our main source of communication as human beings has become a means of leisure, entertainment and a source for information. People search for ways to correct their insecurities, change or reinforce their beliefs, and become socially acceptable through media outlets. Whether nations need to spread news or people want access to tabloid scandals, the media has evolved to a point where it governs our lives in many ways. The media industry as a whole not only influences lives globally but has an astonishing impact on international communication by enhancing, diminishing and creating social norms that define proper and acceptable normality. This affects international relations because leaders only produce material that will benefit them. In a world filled with economic and political instability leaders use the newspapers and the billboards and the magazines and the radio stations to influence minds that will eventually work to their advantage. Leaders of this world have turned a system that is meant for communication into a powerful method of distraction, manipulation and persuasion.
Diversity is very important in any discussion or research on international relations and because of this reason Brazil, the United States of America, and India will be my topics throughout this study. I chose to study these nations mainly because of their diversity but also because throughout my research they have been discussed and analyzed thouroughly. According to the United States Official Population Clock in the U.S. there are 310,879,000 people. Of the almost 311 million, 219 million own ...

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...lobe. Eliminating governmental control in the media would in turn eradicate hierarchical and discriminatory problems almost all nations face every day as a result of what they view on TV.

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