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Media: The Second God Essay

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The thought of having a power that could control and influence your thoughts and opinions in politics, social issues and values seems as it can only be possessed by a supernatural being. This power has a forceful factor in our daily life; this power is media Tony Schwartz describes it as being “The second God”. As many tools media is a double edged weapon it posses a powerful social influence that can be good and bad. In the stories Two kinds and Boards both authors reflect the extent to which the power of media has influenced our perspective as cultures and individuals. In the story Two kinds Amy Tan portrays the influence of media on a mother who focuses on the American culture to find success for her daughter. In Boarders Thomas King portrays this influence of media on a daughter whose mother fights for her identity and embraces her culture. Nevertheless, both authors create a similar direct structure for the stories. In both stories the concept is presented through a conflict between the mother and the daughter. They also use symbols to represent significant aspects about the influence of media. Both authors create a significant moment of excitement and anxiety that helps the reader conclude the consequences that will occur next. By comparing both stories it becomes evident that embracing your identity and being proud of your culture is the power that can overcome the influential power of media.
Both stories follow a similar pattern in their structure. They are both direct and simple with a first person narrative. In both of the sorties Two kinds and Boarders the authors provide an introduction to the story that shows the reader an overview of the main characters in the story. In Boarders the story begins with the senctence:...

... middle of paper ...

...ore and look what happened. She was the stupid one”(67-68). This moment shows how determined the mother is in thinking success is in being a child prodigy which This reflects the degree to which she is influenced by the media.

In the short stories Boarders and Two kinds the authors present the affect of media on our society and how it influences cultures. Both authors create a simple direct structure that makes it easy for the reader to follow the plot of the story. Both authors represent the influence of media in a conflict between the mother and daughter. They also use symbols to signify important points about media. Both authors create a moment of excitement that makes the reader wonder anxious about concluding what happens next. By comparing both stories it becomes clear that embracing your identity is the power that can overcome the power of media.

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