Essay on Media 's Influence On The West, Media, Fear, And Violence

Essay on Media 's Influence On The West, Media, Fear, And Violence

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Media plays a huge role in spreading misconceptions about religions, cultures, or ethnicities – especially in case of Islam. In the west, media portrays Islam as the religion of cult, fear, and violence. However, that is not true, which we will discuss elaborately in the rest of the essay. First, let’s look at what misconception means; it is a biased, or an ignorant view, which is different from what is called a reality, about certain things that people are usually hostile towards. Misconceptions also arise due to the actions of few, which media portrays without any hesitation. For example, here in the United States, some people believe that Muslims are violent, because media has created an image of them; it can be in the form of a movie in which a Muslim is shown to commit a suicide attack, or a life event that takes place in different Islamic countries. By not showing the bright side of Muslims, it results in creating misconceptions not only about Muslims as terrorists, but also about Islam as the religion of violence. If we look at the Statistics, 94% of the terror attacks in the United States, from 1980 – 2005, were carried out by non-Muslims. Per the same statistics, Jews have committed more terror attacks in the United States than Muslims. Despite the statistics, only Muslims are labeled as terrorists. There are numerous misconceptions about Islam, but the most widespread, and common are suicide bombing, beheading of disbelievers, and ill-treatment of women.
Suicide bombing is the epidemic of misjudgment towards Islam. Let’s not ignore the fact that Muslims have done or are seen to be committing suicide bombings, but it has no affiliation with Islam. To clarify this point more elaborately, let’s look at what Prophet Mohamm...

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...y, live with them on a footing of kindness and equity.” Therefore, it can be concluded that Islam is totally against the ill-treatment of women. Although Muslim men are seen to be mistreating their women, which media focus on portraying the most, but that is not what Islam has preached them. Our prophet (peace be upon him) said, “the best of you are those who are best to their wives.”
To sum up, these Quranic verses might not be enough to contradict the mistaken beliefs people have about Islam, but it can at least give a slight idea of what Islam is about. Islam is about love and peace. People have taken verses from Quran out of the context to spread hate speech, and create a false impression. I believe, there are good and bad in every religion, culture, ethnicity, and race. I would like to end my essay with a saying, “do not judge Islam by the actions of Muslims.”

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