Media 's Influence On The Media Essay

Media 's Influence On The Media Essay

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In today’s society, the media plays an enormous role in the way Americans perceive and react to current events. One only needs to turn on a television, computer, smart phone, or tablet to get twenty-four hour coverage of events across the nation and globe. Both local and national news provide political views from the right or left, and all are competing for consumer viewing. Methods used in recent decades begs the question if the media has overstepped the boundaries of fair and balanced reporting and victimization, and does the media unjustly influence and enrage the population?
In order to answer the questions, one must understand the news media would not thrive on boring, every day commentary. Instead, it appears to be beneficial for the media to put a spin on the subject matter, insert the shock factor, and stir up anger and frustration among the population. In many instances reporting can be biased and turn bad situations into nightmares from hell. The bottom line: readership, viewership, and ratings equal profit; the more captivating the story, the more audience. More audience equates to more advertising revenue (Daly).
Obviously, media coverage differs today than in years past. Advances in the technology world have changed the blueprint of reporting the news. The entrance of satellite technology enables instant coverage of news events spanning across the globe. Shocking images of criminal behavior are spread across the screen of cable news and other media outlets. Sophisticated technology can manipulate video coverage into captivating images that immediately capture the audiences’ attention (Lurkowitz et al.).
Influences the media has on society’s judgment on crime can be powerful. Sixty-five percent of resp...

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...aminate the investigation. There are also instances where police and the media coordinate resources and have a positive effect. Such is the case of the 2002 D.C. sniper attacks in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas. Frustrated with no information coming from the police department, reporters created their own dialogue from leaked information spreading on the streets, which only infuriated the police department. However, after three weeks and no progress in the investigation, the police changed course and released vital information to the media. Ironically, it was this key information released by the media that solved the case (Benney).
Although the media was beneficial in solving the sniper attacks, media coverage can be destructive in other investigations. There are types of crime that tend to be glorified by the media. Cases that are racially oriented,

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