Media 's Influence On Public Policy Essay

Media 's Influence On Public Policy Essay

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In the system of policymaking, the media, contrary to some critics, can and does play a critical role. The media is significant not merely in the beginning of the policymaking process, but throughout as well. As the main connection between the mass public and the policies that impact them, the media can positively or negatively impact people by swaying their opinions or educating them. The media’s spread of information can simultaneously provide an objective view of the action taking place in public policymaking and allow the public to form perceptions on issues. In the policy process overall, the media has a considerable power to influence how and why some issues take precedence over others, exerted through its ability to connect the action taking place to the public as well as through their power to influence or shape public opinion on certain issues.
Through media, the public becomes informed of issues which leads to policy change. The connection to the public and conveyance of ideas can influence the public’s view, and therefore directly impact the public policy process. The media draws in and sustains the public’s attention to particular issues, which subsequently allows those issues to hold more weight and gain social pressure, which instigates change. The media also acts as a critical means of communication between the government and the public, informing the public about governmental actions while simultaneously informing government officials of the public’s attitudes regarding certain policies. According to G. Reddy in the Indian Journal of Political Science, media “[regulates] the flow of communication between policymakers (and therefore the policy itself) and others in the political system” (Reddy 297). This concept, b...

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...n perfect solutions than ones that would be adopted if no coverage had been yielded. Framing and altering focus on an issue gives the media a greater role and is relevant throughout the policy process.
The media’s vital role throughout the policymaking process is evident by means of its ability to inform the public and frame different problems. The media’s role is essential and noteworthy throughout the process, yet can cause complications and borders that other political actors must take into account. Concisely, the media’s central position within the process allows the ensuing coverage to alter the policymaking process drastically through other actors’ involvement. Media’s importance in influencing policy making and the policy process in general is apparent, but the case of positive or negative impact is questionable, making it an overall vital role to the process.

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