The Media 's Influence On Black Males Essay

The Media 's Influence On Black Males Essay

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American media over exaggerates the level of crime committed by African American males, and because of this issue, other races have learned to fear African Americans. The way blacks are portrayed in society has a lot to do with the media. The media tries to put a sense of fear into the rest of society to warn others about black males, by constantly showing blacks committing crimes on numerous television shows, throughout social media and in newspaper articles. By doing this, the media helps Americans get a certain “idea” inside of their heads, that black males commit the majority of crimes inside America. Simply turn on the evening news and there is prone to be a story about a “black man” committing a crime, but is that really the truth? In the Journal of African American Studies, Mary Beth Oliver, discusses in her article how the media doesn’t stop at only bombarding viewers during the evening news alone; they make sure to focus the most on “reality” television shows whenever they can get the chance. What viewers are watching on crime based reality television shows are not one hundred percent accurate to what crime statistics say. In Oliver’s article she along with other researchers, came up with a study to see if what is being shown to viewers that watch reality shows involving blacks committing crimes, increased how viewers’ pictured crime in real life. During the study viewers that participated were shown different segments from a variety of different television shows involving crime. The main racial focus during the television shows were involving blacks and whites who were committing crimes. After the study the participants were asked to complete a questionnaire. What the researchers found after the questionnaire was complet...

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...n American males. Discriminating against black men is not right especially in the twenty first century, because as a country, we have come such a long way since slavery and have worked so hard to be a country who welcomes everyone with open arms. Discrimination does not help society advance, it only throws a wrench in the system and stops the progress that America has worked so hard to make. American media over exaggerating crime is unnecessary, it causes unneeded problems for the police, society and all of the African American men who are being negatively stereotyped. Without blacks this country would not be what it is today. There are plenty of problems in America, and fearing one specific group should not be one of them- all it does is divide the country. This country should focus its attention on becoming unified as one and worrying about more prevalent issues.

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