Media 's Impact On The Media Essay

Media 's Impact On The Media Essay

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It can be seen as the world we are living nowadays can affect deeply on the media. In the term of reproduce of racial racism and inequality, yes, media discourse have been taken a very important role and it can affect on how people thinking toward racial inequality. The language that use in the social practice can take a place of creating social realities and also racist inequalities ( Jiwani & Richardson, 2011).It can be prove by the ideal that through discource, people can obtain the knowledge about the society, new mental model as well as beginning to take shape of their attitutude, behaviours that would be contribute to their action toward different racial and social group by involving in everyday conversation (Stevens, 1998; Van Dijk, 1997; Bax, 1985). Media represatition offer explanations, showing sense of the the world and people but however the media constantly create the gap of social. There are a various theories have been discuss and investigate a huge range in this issue but this paper will will analysise about how media discource can produce the inequality of ethnic group by the different of their skin colour and the technical the printed media use as wel as the social class and attitude toward muslim women.

First thing that should be mentioned is how Mediated create the inequality between the skin colour of poeple. Jawing and Richardson (2011) pointed out that in general, people with black skin such as aboriginal people and other group of different skin colour people such as asian are seem to be have a very rare chance to appears in the media. However, if they do, they are mostly involve in the story of dealing with drugs, crime or having some kind of problems within the community. Their appearance in certain...

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...m to be prove the the aboriginal that always depends western development which focus on the colonial and how the aboriginal is emigrant to other countries. They commontly delete most of their evolution and fighting to building their one nation.
Due to the large part of white journalistic and lack of colour people the,news reproduces inequality and relations of nomination (Henry and Tator, 2002; van Dijk, 1991). A recent global new which have been running abut 7 years have delete all the write about the structural violence perpetrated on Aboriginal women (see Carter, 1997; Smith, 2005). In other hand, these stories emphasize the culpability of Aboriginal women who are largely portrayed as abject victims of poverty, their lives which involve in alcohol and drug addictions, homelessness, In effect, they are represented as one of the most hopeless segments of society.

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