Essay about Media 's Impact On Teenager 's Academic Performance Negatively

Essay about Media 's Impact On Teenager 's Academic Performance Negatively

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In recent years, the widespread popularity of video games, television and films have begun as an influential form of entertainment among teenagers. This essay will argue that media such as video games, films and television has affected teenager’s behaviour significantly as they growing up due to over exposure to violence media. Furthermore, not only teenagers may be exposed to detrimental aspects of society such as gambling and alcohol consumption but also may engage in physical fights and bullying. As a result, adolescents may engage in more risky behaviour and tend to be irritable and impulsive which eventually lead to aggressive adults. In the worst-case scenario, the amount of media consumption could possibly affect teenager’s academic performance negatively.
Children develop in individual ways and learn at different rates such as physically, emotionally and cognitively ©. Therefore this issue is currently important as many people think such media are potentially harmful to teenager’s behaviour, which place both parents and teachers under enormous pressure. Therefore, exposure to media violence is one of several factors that may cause teenagers to become more aggressive and a decline in school performance. Furthermore, the average amount of time teenagers spend on sophisticated media, which contains violent actions in video games, films and television have become very popular among teenagers. For the past few years, the number of video games, films and television sales are increasing significantly. As Norcia (2014) states, a survey found that 97% of teenagers in the United States play video games, which involves inappropriate content. This implies that video games industry is expanding rapidly around the globe mainly in the Un...

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...such media might be benefit to another people or society substantially, exposing teenagers to violent video games often lead to aggressive behaviour. Studies also suggest that teenagers who play video games and watch film and television generally show more aggressive behaviour and poor school performance. However these media have many benefits and if it were used correctly, it would possibly be an undoubted constructive learning and education tool to teenagers. According to research above, playing video games help teenagers develop pro social behaviour as well as and improve their manual dexterity. Lastly, video games involve tasks, which require the players to come up with different methods to achieve their goal of winning. As a result, teenagers who play video games tend to be more able to solve problems in several ways and respond quickly in different situations.

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