Media 's Gender Role Stereotypes Essay

Media 's Gender Role Stereotypes Essay

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Nimi Badwalz
Mrs. Washington
English Writing 300
28 September 2014

Media’s Gender-Role Stereotypes
Hannan Goodall, author of Media’s Influence on Gender Stereotypes, once said “If as a society we refuse to accept certain gender stereotypes as truth, then the media makes may not be as inclined to center their message on them”. Do you ever wonder why Windex commercials generally show women cleaning the windows instead of men? Or why beer commercials show men sitting around watching sports with their buddies while sipping a beer instead of women? Commercials, Movies and Television Shows are the vast source of gender stereotyping, because they are adapted to the specific, focusing on male or female’s gender roles as their main target. Deborah Tannen, the author of Sex, Lies, and Conversation, focus on addressing the different communicating styles between men and women and how it effects their relationships as a whole. Media’s gender role stereotypes have shown effect in the Hindu culture, work and family lives.
In many cultures media plays a huge role on what is expected from a guy vs what is expected from a girl. Back in the day Bollywood movies demonstrated the characteristics of an ideal Indian women. They would focus more on the women staying home and working whereas the men would work and take care of the household. This started impacting on how everyday lives were for young women in India. One Indian show that has caught my attentions is “Is Pyaar Ko Mai Kya Naam Du”, which publicly shows how back in the day women “led miserable lives such as servants to their husbands. Hindu men had the freedom to marry more than one wife or keep mistresses” (Traditional Status of Women in Hinduism) When the main character in the TV ...

... middle of paper ... men have a different way of expressing themselves. A woman cannot expect the man to behave or interact in the same way as a man.

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