Media 's Effect On Adolescent Girls Essay

Media 's Effect On Adolescent Girls Essay

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In today’s society, the media, whether it is through television or social media has a negative impact on adolescent girls. The media is very prevalent on pushing a propaganda on young women that their bodies are not good enough or that they should have certain features that are no way normal or obtainable. This propaganda is known as the Thin-Ideal. The Thin-Ideal with the media’s help is causing some young girls to have low self-esteem, extreme health issues, and depression which can be brought on by body dissatisfaction.
The media has a negative effect on young adolescent girls, causing some girls to have low self- esteem. According to “Influence of Mass Media on Emergence of Eating Disorders Amongst Young People” by Kaźmierczak, Patyrn., and Niedzielski, states that “Idealized image promoted by the media makes people perceive themselves as less attractive than they really are, always too fat and not pretty enough”(303). When young girls try to measure up to the women they see on television, they see themselves as not being good enough. Some young women believe that if you do not look a certain way then you are unacceptable. According to “The Impact of Exposure to the Thin-Ideal Media Image on Women” by Nicole Hawkins, Richards Graney, H. Mac, David Stein, states that “Those who have over-internalized the thin-ideal stereotype are convinced that achieving a thin-ideal body is the only way to be popular, lovable, successful, and happy”(36). The Thin-Ideal is the concept of the ideal slim female body. The common perception of this ideal is that of a slender, feminine physique with a small waist and little body fat. For some the Thin-Ideal is genetically and physically impossible. Some girls will never be satisfied until they reac...

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...faction, desire to be thin and may induce disordered eating behaviors as a means of weight control (Halliwell and Harvey 2006)” (np). Women who suffer from body dissatisfaction are at high risk to suffer from depression. Social media is prevalent in society today, and it has been scientifically linked with causing depression in young girls.
In today’s society, media is not only invading our homes, but it is also invading the mind of the young girls of those specific homes. The thin ideal with the help of the media is pushing itself on the young girls of today causing low self-esteem, extreme health issues, and depression which can be brought on by body dissatisfaction. To help the girls of today develop into healthy strong women, we should turn away from the media and teach our young girls to be confident in who they are so they won’t be easily affected by the media.

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