Media Literacy And Its Effects On Individuals And Society Essay

Media Literacy And Its Effects On Individuals And Society Essay

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Media Literacy is an ability to recognize, interpret, and analyze media messages, to determine the motivation of those responsible for messages, and to assess the impact of messages on individuals and society (Teaching Media Literacy). Media Literacy can pass on the message, whether is on hard news or soft news. Hard news is News that deals with serious topics or events, such as political issues, or breaking news while soft News does not deal with serious topics or events, they are more friendly, more entertainment. Soft news stories sell far better than hard news stories, and social media play a big part of that today. Social Media make it easy to pass on soft news. With hard news it different, I wonder if it’s reliable, most of the time I don’t even stop to verify it. Media Literacy is everywhere, whether is on T.V, Social media, and/or Radio, in the schools, home or on the road, we need to be able to understand what been stated.
I obtain my political information thru my phone and computer via MSN, and I sometimes use Flip-Board. I will see the headlines, but I open the one that seems important or interesting to me. MSN News app gives me access to the latest news headlines and articles from a variety of trusted hand-picked sources across the web. I keep up with political information mostly with MSN, which help me keep up with the world, whether is soft news or hard news. MSN News app also includes Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Money, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Travel and Video. It allows me to set my own favorite topics, receive notifications of breaking news though alerts, filter preferred news sources, and alter font sizes to make articles stress-free to read. I often remember the information that I find impo...

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...will torment and abuse the minority (Media literacy and learning).
With social media, we simply look at it, and tend to get sucked in with the writer 's point of view. Henry Giroux (1993:368), argues that “literacy is a broad practice in which difference becomes crucial for understanding not simply how to read, write, or develop aural skills, but also how to recognize that the identities of ‘others’ matter as part of a progressive set of politics and practices aimed at the reconstruction of democratic public life. With blogs and social media the author gives you their point of view, what they believe and see. News channels have to choose a side, not only so views can feel relatable, but also for aids from their sponsors. The authors have to choose a side even if they don’t agree, they don’t want to lose fanatics and get ran out of business because of social media.

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