Essay on The Media Is Used By Everyone And They See Everything

Essay on The Media Is Used By Everyone And They See Everything

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The media is used by everyone and they see everything and because that happen we have to worry about things like race relations and racial tensions. It 's important for the media to report as honestly as possible. When the media fall short of doing that it can have a very damaging backlash for everyone. Mary Beth Oliver, Srividya Ramasubramanian, and Jinhee Kim agree with the notion that the media should be careful in the way it representation people. Oliver and other (2007) states " Consequently , alternate sources of information can be very important in shaping our attitudes and beliefs, although unfortunately not always inaccurate ways or manner that encourages social harmony" (pg 273). This is essential to the world today that people know this. What happens so often is a lot of racist incidents we see is due to the media. It 's also due to the fact that people rarely intermingle with others outside of their own race. This can cause false ideas that are purely based on the media that is only trying to entertain people as a whole instead of educating them. Oliver and other (2007) also explain that" Media may play a role in creating or sustaining produce has attracted research attention since early in the 20th century." (pg273). For quite some time research have been looking at this, noticing how the relationship between the media and a person view on the world has affected the relationship between other people. This can be very chancy because you run in the threat of a person or group of people believing the stories they see on tv.

One of the greatest examples of terrible media that can affect the Black community is Reality tv shows . They give everyone a not realistic view of a the world, and this goes for every race....

... middle of paper ... or you use it to tell other the events in your life it 's important that you use it safely. The media can be a very dangerous thing when it is not applied with careful thinking and reason. After the research i have done on this paper i have learned to talk my media use more seriously because i never know who’s watching and as a responsible users i want to be as honest and forth coming as I can be. THe media is on never end loop that we don 't mind getting caught in.
It keeps us connected when we are not close .It can spawn new relationships that we never knew we need ,as well as, destroy one that we didn 't really want. . It 's like a super power, you can choose to be a villain or a superhero 's it 's up to you on what you post, retweet, snap,follow like and share. Media is what we makes the world go round so it would be wise to be respectful of it.

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