Essay on Media Is The Heritage Of Human Civilization

Essay on Media Is The Heritage Of Human Civilization

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Media is the heritage of human civilization, an important means of promoting social and economic development. The Globalized media industries are undergoing profound changes and their performance is characterized by the rapid rise of “new media” (internet base) with its efficient development. It is obvious New media changed the way people live worldwide, but less obvious is what new media to our sense of well being and the productive and creative nature of our lives. Unquestionably, new media retains some of the core value of traditional media, but it remains to be seen those values can be retained as the giant social media conglomerates work to filter the flow of ideas and manage the environment for profit. Although the rise of new media is crowding out the traditional media market, most new media are extensions of traditional media.
Since the media has been the history of mankind, it narrowed the distance between people and things, to broaden the field of communication between people. Traditional media includes magazines, radio, television, newspaper, books, publishing and films (Gasher, M., Skinner, D., & Lorimer,R., 2012, p.21). The beginning of traditional media has accumulated an extensive network of contacts between individuals, between business corporations and between government with their citizens. Publishing, with the audience needs, invited many experts and scholars’ contribution. Therefore, traditional media creates a lot of high level academic work, and play a significant role in pioneering academic territory, and guide the direction of research which online journal cannot be considered. In addition, for the prosperity of the publishing market, they publish for the creation of social value and also take...

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...t combine traditional media with new media with the goal to share information. Hence, the integration of a variety of media is
more conducive to the development of the media: to achieve multi-benefit.
Every step of the development process reflects the development of social civilization of change, not only laid the foundation for the birth of new media but also for the direction. New media with its open, it 's satisfying, it 's everywhere heroic expression and changed the order of the media, to change the world the way people live. Notwithstanding, traditional media remains in an equilibrium as an important means of communication to consumers. What can be instructive when we compare and contrast traditional to new, is to determine what is of most lasting value in each and what the threats are to Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in a transitional context.

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