Essay on Media Imperialism And The Global Media

Essay on Media Imperialism And The Global Media

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Media imperialism is a specific way of discussing cultural imperialism and in order to define media imperialism we must understand cultural imperialism. Essentially, it’s described as a theory based upon over-concentration of mass media, from larger nations as an important variable which affects smaller nations in negative way. These nations have lessened because of media control from Western countries. As media imperialism is a sub-category under the broader of heading of cultural imperialism the dependency raised due to the global media system, which results in what is known as media imperialism– which is a highly debated concept amongst sociologists. There are two known models of media imperialism, the 'Schiller one ' which is focused on the media dominance by the UK, France, and U.S. And the alternative model; which is the 'generic model ' initially developed in Europe stating the great influence of media expansion of media powers, and unlike Schiller It recognises the multidimensionality of media forms (Thussu, International Communication: A Reader, 2010)
However, the term globalisation is more complex. Usually globalisation will undergo three stages, compression of the world, the intensification of consciousness worldwide, and the increased interconnectedness at cultural level. Like media imperialism, globalisation affects the individual self, national society, international system of societies and humanity in general. The media imperialism theory in terms of globalisation assumes that the interests of a single country are to reject and oppose media imperialism on the part of another country, in the name of national interest. Usually there is often no single national interest but separate media enterprises -which compete n...

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...ion raise important questions that we need to address as students of the media. The anxieties about media imperialism and cultural homogenization raised initially by Schiller and others concerning the dominant position assumed by the American mass-media industry in the post-war period has now given way to growing worries about the domination of the global media industry by a small number of powerful transnational media conglomerates. A long with that we explored what disadvantage this theory has when analysing globalisation more particularly in Latin America. Having outlined the key features of media globalisation we tease out more fully the concerns raised around technological change, ownership and access to the global media. The concerns that have been raised about the global media conglomerates mirror more general fears about the rise of global capitalism itself.

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